With almost 20 years experience working in some of Australia’s largest companies, I am a business consultant with a broad range of skills. No business is too large or small; I have created a multi-million dollar business across 5 countries, and also developed a social media strategy for a small NGO.

I offer some specific business packages including Strategy and Business Planning, Business Communication and Web Content and Social Media Marketing. However I can also tailor services specifically for your business in a variety of disciplines. If I don’t have the appropriate skill-set, I can put you in touch with specialists I trust from around the world who can help meet your business needs. For more information you can email me directly at: rakheeghelani13@gmail.com

Some of the areas I can help your business with are:

  • Doing business in India: It is a crazy place, knowing where to begin isn’t always easy
  • Strategic Development and Business Planning: I can either write your strategy and business plan for you, or mentor you through the process
  • Communications and Content Development Strategy: From writing your website to an annual report, I can help meet your business communication needs
  • Customer Experience: Understanding how to please your customers isn’t always easy but I can help you wow them
  • Social Media Strategy: Don’t be intimidated by the internet, it is one of your best marketing tools
  • Business Process Re-engineering: Find out how you can make your business more efficient
  • Project Management: Turning that important concept into a reality
  • Analysis and Problem Solving: For when you are not quite sure what is going wrong in your business or how to fix it
  • Helping start-up businesses get off the ground
  • Training, coaching and mentoring

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