The internet is an integral part of doing business, but it doesn’t need to intimidating or just another task on your long to do list. I work with a range of specialists across the world to help your business meet its needs, including Creative Platoon in Australia. If you are interested in any of these packages or would like content to be tailored specifically for your business, you can email me directly at:

Start-Up Website Content

This package is designed to get your website up and running.  It includes content that has been optimised for searches, and will include the following pages:

  • A landing page that is designed to attract visitors with SEO keywords and catchy information about your business
  • An outline of your business and the key people behind it
  • A section outlining how potential customers can get in contact with you
  • Pages that detail the specific products or services you are selling, using keywords and compelling language

Regular Blog Posts

This package is designed to create on-going content that drives people to your website through the use of expert information. It includes the following:

  • Establishing a blog presence for your business on the internet
  • Researching and writing blog posts each month that cover a range of topics that are suitable for your business
  • Ensuring blog posts can be found by search engines

The blog topics would be selected based on discussions with yourself to identify the areas of expertise or projects that you would like to highlight.

Social Media 101

This package is designed to set up the social media platforms for your business and teach you how to manage your own social media marketing:

  • Establishing social media platforms for your business (this would include the most appropriate platforms for your business such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest or Instagram)
  • Provide training materials on how to use each of these chosen platforms
  • One-on-one calls with a social media specialist to explain how to use social media for your business, and to ask questions on social media marketing

Management of Social Media Content

This package is designed to manage all your content and social media marketing for you, so that you can spend your time doing what you do best. This includes the following:

  • Establishing a social media presence across various platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google +
  • Identifying and creating regular content on each platform
  • Promoting your business on social media platforms. This may include sharing content, running competitions or creating campaigns
  • Interacting with key influencers, forums or potential customers on social media platforms to promote your business
  • Responding in a timely manner to any comments or queries on social media platforms
  • If you have a blog we will promote that as well through social media platforms, and can even write the blog for you with our Regular Blog Post package

Design and Managed Hosting of Your Website

If you are not sure how to get your website up and keep it running, then let us worry about the boring nitty-gritty bits for you. Our managed plans incorporate the following:

  • Awesome social integration
  • Great designs that can be customised to suit your specific business needs
  • Great SEO to make sure that search engines like Google and Bing get the right information every time
  • Speed optimised
  • Daily back-ups so you never lose your data

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