Whilst I have visited Germany briefly, this is one country that is still remains on my bucket list, as there is so many places in Germany that I am yet to see.

My only trip to Germany was a very brief one just after university. I was backpacking across Europe on this rather restrictive bus tour. Our bus stopped at Heidelberg for a couple of days. So I have seen the breath-taking Heidelberg Castle, but that is about it. So what is left on my list of places to visit in Germany? Well here it is:

Berlin Street Art (photo courtesy of Sivi Stey)
Berlin Street Art (photo courtesy of Sivi Stey)
  • Being part of the vibrant arts scene of Berlin;
  • Drinking mugs of beer at Oktoberfest;
  • Admiring the Cathedral of Cologne;
  • Exploring the Christmas markets at Nuremberg;
  • Be humbled by the history of Dachau;
  • Check out Check point Charlie;
  • Swim in Lake Constance;
  • Eat cake in the Black Forest; and
  • Be part of the german Grape Harvest Festival.

So what else should be on my German bucket list?

Things to Do In Germany
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