Orchha is a lovely little town in Madhya Pradesh.  It is tiny, with the main drag comprising only a few shops at a cross-road. At one corner of the town is the Betwa river with crystal clear water flowing alongside centuries old Chhatris (cenotaphs), the opposite corner has a dusty road leading to Jhansi (in Uttar Pradesh).

However, the reason most people visit Orchha is to actually see the other two edges of town. On one are the towering palaces of Jehangir Mahal and Raj Mahal, and the other the Ram Raja and Chaturbhuj temples.  A couple of kilometres out of town there is also the well preserved Lakshmi Narayan temple. It is like a hidden city from the 16th century, with small peaks of landmarks dotted across the green landscape.

Being so small and surrounded by so much beauty, Orchha is a stunning feast for the eyes.  Here are some of my favourite photos.

Chhatris at Sunset
Jehangir Mahal from Chaturbhuj Temple
Chaturbhuj Temple
Jehangir Mahal
Betwa River
Fresco at Raj Mahal
Fresco at Lakshmi Narayan Temple
Pictorial Post: Orchha
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  • October 18, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    That elephant and crocodile one is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen. How wonderful. Thank you for sharing.


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