So now I am finally on my way, and have just spent two relaxing days in Singapore.

Singapore is one of those places that I love to visit, but I am not too sure if I could live here. Its almost too organised and easy for me to live here.  Don’t get me wrong, I am known for being pedantic about being organised (after all as you will now know I am a list writer)… but in my decision to move countries, I wanted to go somewhere that was a complete departure from my everyday life in Australia.  Hence why I chose India, the country where chaos reigns and every minute is a new assault on the senses.

My stopover in Singapore was just meant to give me a couple of days to relax and come down from the frenetic activity of the past few months.

Upon landing in Singapore I had a splitting headache. This soon turned into a spasming back and a very uncomfortable couple of hours trying to get my back to settle down so I could actually get some sleep.  All signs that the last couple of months had certainly taken their toll.

Then I awoke to a sultry 29 degress (C) and a stunning day.  I just walked and walked, getting some heat into my muscles and bones that had been all but frozen in the Melbourne winter.

Singapore is famous for its orchids.  They are a stunning plant variety.  So delicate, two equal petals and then a delicate lip that hangs over with such grace.  They come in any colour imaginable, such beauty I don’t think can be equalled in the botanical world.

At the Singapore Orchid Garden in the Botanical Gardens I wandered through for hours just savouring each and every glorious petal.  There is a serenity in that garden, such peace can be found in beauty.  Its the first time in months I have had time to just stop and appreciate beauty for beauty’s sake.

Now I am excited about my impending journey, I can’t wait to have the time to appreciate the colour and beauty of my new home.

Until then…. take some time to smell the um …. orchids!

Orchids in Singapore
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  • July 30, 2011 at 11:47 am

    Lovely! My Mum lived in Singapore for 2 years and always raved about the orchards. Somehow I never managed to get over there. I’ve only spent one day in Singapore and all I saw was the inside of a customs office. Mus rectify! Safe travels with your last leg xx


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